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Disease onset: when and how the disease began, suddenly or gradually, what were its first manifestations, the importance of environmental conditions (occupational, domestic, climatic factors).

Condition of the patient immediately before the disease: whether there were mental traumas, overexertion, thermal influences, errors in the diet, the possibility of infection, the alleged cause of the disease.

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Course of the disease, sequence of manifestation and development of various symptoms, periods of exacerbation and remission.

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Results of previous investigations: laboratory tests, radiological and ECG data, etc. (including discharge documents from other hospitals).

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Methods of treatment used before admission to the clinic, including outpatient treatment: medications, surgery, physical therapy, sanatorium-resort, dietary treatment and their effectiveness. Immediate reasons for this hospitalization: deterioration of condition, unsuccessful previous treatment, admission as an emergency, clarification of the diagnosis. Changes in the patient's well-being during his stay in the clinic. In the presence of a competing disease, a second medical history is written.

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The complying with signs are triggered by Propecia if you consume any type of amounts of alcoholic beverages: low blood tension, flushing, quick heart beats, thirst, queasiness, chest pain, and dizziness.

The patient considers himself ill since June, 1998, when he first had difficulty in breathing, feeling of stuffiness in chest, cough with hardly draining sputum during poplar blossoming. At first such complaints appeared rarely, only during contact with poplar down, so I did not consult a doctor about it. However, during the last 2-3 years the attacks of expiratory dyspnea occurred upon contact with house dust and cold air.